Snowdrifter by Mack Carruthers.

Snowdrifter is a short story of an adorable snowman wandering around alone in the artic wastelands. This 3D animated short will have you smiling from start to finish but maybe for different reasons…

Read our interview with “Snowdrifter” director Mack Carruthers.

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  • Joshua Stevens


  • Kim

    Absolutely hilarious!!!

  • Hello

    The beauty of the unexpected

  • Kaitlyn P

    When I was first watching this I was like “awww :D” then I saw the town and instantly went “D:”

    • ShowMeTheAnimation

      Haha, it certainly has that effect! Im never going to trust a snowman again!

    • Jarek Marshall Morse

      same exact reaction haha

  • wgex

    oh my god that was AWESOME

  • Rustyplaskett

    looks like he did some bathsalts and decided to go and eat some faces. lol

  • Bakeca Milano

    This is great!

  • Nick D. Jones

    This gave the game “Got Your Nose” a whole meaning.

  • Sara_dahms

    mean little snow shit, isn’t he

  • Dbakeca Italia

    Hmmm. I loved it!

  • Apples

    Hes still cute ;)

  • Steelex99

    HAHAHAHA. that’s messed ;)